Liquidity Provider - ADS Securities

Founded in: 2011

Headquarters in: Abu Dhabi, UAE

ADS Securities is a financial services firm based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The company was founded in 2011, making it a relatively young company when compared with the other major banks that act as liquidity providers in the forex market. ADS Securities is the largest forex dealer in the UAE, managing daily volumes of up to $5billion.

ADS Securities is a Tier 2 player in the forex liquidity provision market and is licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE. ADS Securities has offices in London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

ADS Securities FX Solutions

ADS Securities launched its prime brokerage service known as ADS Prime in 2016. This service is a two-pronged service offering in the forex market.

  • Provides trading technology for end users with low latency and order processing, available on desktops as well as smartphones.
  • Providing access to deep liquidity with low spreads and transparent pricing, while also building strong counterparty relationships with several liquidity providers and price aggregation functionality.

Trading Technology

The forex offering of ADS Securities is tailored towards retail clients using the MT4 platform. The platform is available as the desktop terminal as well as the mobile MT4 version.

As a Prime Broker

ADS Securities launched its Prime of Prime (PoP) service for forex providers who had no connections to prime brokers (PB) or who did not have access to their own liquidity sources. The events that followed the Swiss National Bank’s de-pegging of the Swiss Franc from the Euro in January 2015 has led to a sequence of changes in the forex market from the brokerage end. Banks no longer provide credit facilities to FX trading institutions as a result of the higher capital requirements, and higher costs; a direct fallout of that event. ADS Securities has developed its Prime brokerage offering to assist these firms.

Other Services

In 2016, ADS Securities launched an Arabic-only trading application called OREX mobile. OREX is a proprietary, mobile application developed by ADS Securities which offers the ability to trade multiple assets, offers exceptionally low latency and order processing.

OREX mobile is built specifically for the Arabic-speaking population of the Middle East.

OREX offers the following features:

  • Ability to trade more than 60 currency pairs and more than Over 1000 CFDs (including stocks, commodities, currencies and indices)
  • Trading of spot metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium
  • Technical analysis from in-house experts
  • A Product Selector, search functionality and an asset watchlist.
  • Functionality to view Open Orders and Historical Trades, as well as Working Order screens for Limit and Stop orders.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals can be made with a one-click process.

OREX Mobile enables traders to perform easy navigation, attain efficiency in position management, risk management and reliability at every stage of the trade cycle. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play store (for Android devices) and the iOs store (for iPhones and iPads).