Founded in: 1870

Headquarters in: Frankfurt Hesse, Germany

Commerzbank AG is a global bank and liquidity provider that was formed 147 years ago with a network of branches and offices that now spans 50 countries. This makes Commerzbank one f the large global banks.

The bank was forced to streamline its financial markets division into what is now known as the Corporates and Markets division, after a series of scandals in the last decade. It is this division which now handles the forex market services of Commerzbank.

Commerzbank AG FX Solutions

In the forex market segment of the financial markets, Commerzbank offers what it calls the “at trade” and “post trade” trading execution services to its clients. This simply refers to the services it renders to its forex clients during the trade process (at trade) and after the trade executions have been carried out (post trade).

At Trade Services

Forex clients have the liberty to trade online with Commerzbank using electronic platforms, or using the voice brokerage service. Commerzbank offers trading in the following assets:

  1. Forex trading across the G10 and emerging markets currencies.
  2. Commodities
  3. German Equities
  4. Credit: core and non-core credit assets in Europe.
  5. Over 180,000 cross-asset securitized derivatives, CFDs, ETFs, stocks and mutual funds. Over 100 funds can be traded with the Comstage ETF platform.
  6. Multi-Asset OTC Derivatives: Commerzbank acts as a counterparty to trades of selected OTC derivatives.

Electronic trading on Commerzbank is available via connection to the data centres, other trading systems and the Commerzbank FIX API. Commerzbank also maintains a presence on external multi-dealer platforms such as FX All and 360T.


Commerzbank is a primary liquidity provider on most forex electronic communications networks (ECNs), forex trading platforms and fixed income platforms through the eFI offering. This enables traders to benefit from huge liquidity and transparent pricing which competes favourably with other liquidity providers.

Post Trade Services

Post trade services on Commerzbank include:

  1. The TradeCycle service, which is offered in partnership with Deutsche Börse Group to enable clients access wider trading infrastructure options.
  2. Transparent and competitive pricing
  3. Cost management and compliance with regulatory reporting requirements.
  4. Solutions are localized to each region.

Other Services

Through its various divisions and banking offices across the world, Commerzbank AG is able to provide liquidity to a wide array of clients. Some of these liquidity provision services are as follows:

  • Commerzbank is also a primary liquidity provider for the offshore Renminbi market, offering financing for Renminbi bonds.
  • Commerzbank AG is also a liquidity provider for RMB trading in its London and Frankfurt trading hubs. Traders can trade spot forex, forex forwards, NDFs, forex swaps and forex option trades for EUR/RMB, and USD/RMB currency pairs via the Commerzbank electronic forex trading platform.
  • Commerzbank AG maintains an FX options performance book with 15 years of market data to enable clients get the best of their forex options trading.