Liquidity Provider - Deutsche Bank

Founded in: 1870

Headquarters in: Frankfurt, Germany

Deutsche Bank is a global bank which at some point, held the position of the largest liquidity provider in the world with 21% market share. With a presence in over 70 countries spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia and emerging markets, Deutsche bank has a truly global presence, positioning as the topmost liquidity provider in the forex market.

Deutsche Bank FX Solutions

Deutsche Bank has an extensive forex offering for its clients. Services provided by Deutsche Bank range from basic provision of spot forex liquidity to provision of innovative derivative solutions for both a range of asset and portfolio managers. Here are the products associated with the forex services of Deutsche Bank.

Trading Technology: FX Autobahn

The forex offering of Deutsche Bank starts with its proprietary FX Autobahn trading platform, which can be accessed using Deutsche Bank’s Autobahn App Market. This product is classified as the first ‘App-based’ electronic trading forex client, providing access to the FX market using the latest technology and tools to enable traders achieve their desired trading objectives.

Under the FX Prime Brokerage (FXPB) service, traders can get connected to a wide array of major ECN platforms on a global scale. Traders can leverage on Deutsche Bank’s proprietary forex algorithmic execution technology, and get direct access to Deutsche Bank’s liquidity to trade forex products on the basis of direct market access.

Here are some other features of the FX Autobahn:

  • fast order functionality for non-deliverable forex forwards.
  • fast and more reliable trade executions (hence the name Autobahn, coined from the Germany’s high speed train services)
  • Enhanced order flows.
  • Traders can view and trade streaming NDF currencies with the same speed as the spot market.

As a Prime Broker

Deutsche Bank also has a forex Prime Brokerage (FXPB) service which provides clients quick access to transact on various foreign exchange products across a wide set of dealers. Traders can use Deutsche Bank’s credit lines to reduce transactional costs and maintain trade anonymity.

Deutsche Bank offers the ability to manage a portfolio base of products across several markets and reduce counterparty exposure of traders whenever they are dealing across multiple OTC markets. Traders can also get access to risk management and efficient deployment of trade capital. Access to a broad array of FX liquidity, including: counterparty banks, ECN’s, 3rd party electronic platforms – utilizing Deutsche Bank’s deep credit and settlement lines to facilitate anonymous trading

Other Services: Trade Reporting

Other services provided by Deutsche Bank include:

Reporting and Trade Monitoring

Deutsche Bank provides an opportunity for consolidated position reporting using its suite of post-trade reporting tools. Clients can also monitor in real time, how their credit lines are used across different counterparty platforms. This is done using Deutsche Bank’s post-trade portal known as Global Prime.

Reports and data can be customized to each client’s specific requirements. Client confidentiality is maintained throughout the process using the segregation process available on the prime brokerage service books.

The App Market

Deutsche Bank’s App Market provides a centralized source for Deutsche Bank’s full suite of electronic services. These services include analytics, charting, research and e-trading.