Liquidity Provider - Integral

Founded in: 1993

Headquarters in: California, USA

Integral was founded in 1993 by Harpal Sandhu. Under Sandhu’s leadership, Integral led a major push to develop a global data grid. The essence of this data grid was to connect the world’s major financial institutions electronically into one platform, thus making Integral’s FXCloud technology to become a leading integrated trading network for the trading of forex and interest-rate derivatives.

Integral FX Solutions

Integral provides forex market services at two levels. On one hand, it is a liquidity provider and provides ECN trading conditions using the OCX platform. On the other hand, it services various categories of market participants with technology solutions to enable them drive their businesses at reduced cost and optimum profit.

Prime Brokerage/Price Aggregator Service

Integral is a price aggregator and liquidity pool provider. Through its proprietary OCX (Open Currency Exchange) platform, traders have access to a wide and diverse pool of liquidity. Integral’s OCX aggregates various forex market participants into a single liquidity network. Clients of Integral can have direct access to the displayed limit orders and hidden mid-point interest of other clients. Clients also have access to the streaming prices of market makers. Anyone can participate by opening an account with an OCX Member firm. OCX is available in different versions: desktop client (Windows and Mac), webtrader and mobile.

Specialized FX Services for Various Categories of Customers

Integral delivers its forex market solutions via its proprietary FXCloud software technology. FXCloud provides forex solutions at three levels:

  • BankFX: This is the FXCloud institutional trading platform for banks and eFX professionals. BankFX is integrated with the Open Currency Exchange. Liquidity managers can configure multiple liquidity pools with significant cost advantages, which gives them a competitive edge in their eFX business.
  • InvestorFX: This solution allows asset managers cut down transaction costs and operational risk and yet have efficient execution of multiple trade orders. Using FXCloud, InvestorFX connects to all major in-house platforms to deliver scalable, end-to-end automation in a manner which reduces operational risk without compromising quality of trade executions. It is fully integrated with OCX.
  • MarginFX: This is the FXCloud solution for retail brokers. Retail brokers of today must be able to keep pace with increasing demands of customers, be able to fragment liquidity for retail clients, provide tighter spreads and yet keep up with regulatory requirements. FXCloud’s MarginFX is the solution. allowing market makers to satisfy their global retail clients at reduced costs, while maintaining 100% reliability. MarginFX has all features required for a company to operate a globally competitive retail forex business. Whatever platform is used (MT4, API, or bespoke trading platforms), the company can provide its clients with the most competitive forex market products. The FXCloud datacenters in London, New York, and Tokyo ensure that no matter where clients are located, latency can be reduced to a minimum.