Liquidity Provider - Nomura

Founded in: 1925

Headquarters in: Osaka, Japan

Founded in 1925, Nomura came into being as the Nomura Securities Co Ltd. The company was founded by Tokushichi Nomura II as a bond trading company. Nomura had founded the Nomura bank in 1918, and the company was taken public in 1961. By 2001, the holding structure was established and the company now operates as a holding group.

Nomura acquired the Asian division of Lehman Brothers when the American bank collapsed in 2008 just before the global financial crisis. Nomura is very active in the interbank forex market, functioning as a liquidity provider.

Nomura FX Solutions

Nomura, working as a prime brokerage service, offers forex liquidity to a variety of client segments in the forex market. Nomura provides two level of services:

  1. A forex algorithmic trading service using ECN technology to its clients.
  2. Forex liquidity provision.

FX Trading and Algorithmic Execution Services

Nomura offers the NomuraLive, a proprietary trading platform which enables traders access real-time transparent pricing of forex contracts, as well as algorithmic trade execution and analysis. This platform delivers streaming prices which are dynamic and executable. Offering can be customized to suit client preferences.

Key features of the NomuraLive platform include the following:

  • Ability to trade streaming Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) 24 hours a day.
  • Tile view which features executable price streams
  • Ability to fix date confirmation
  • Features up to four price layers

With the NomuraLive, traders can also trade a basket of ten currencies linked to the Chinese economy using the Nomura China-10 or C10Live. The C10Live enables clients to trade the various long-term structural changes of the Chinese economy using partner currencies. The C10 Live is a very good alternative to trading non-deliverable China forwards. When a trade is executed on the C10 Live, the trader’s position is filled with the 10 underlying forward contracts, made up of the currency basket pitched against the US Dollar. All 10 trades are simultaneously executed using a one-click process. The trades are easily tracked using the trade blotter on NomuraLive.

Algorithmic trade execution is also possible on the NomuraLive. A wide range of trade execution algorithms can be used in a manner which offers transparency, efficiency and provides access to a vast range of liquidity sources. These can also be achieved using a one-click process on the NomuraLive. This is a cost-effective way of algo trading and offers anonymity as well as access to Nomura’s liquidity sources.

Other FX Services

Nomura offers other associated FX services such as Research Integration. NomuraLive provides traders with tools and information resources to enable them make informed trade decisions. NomuraLive also features an integrated research portal which can be used to perform FX forecasts, trade analysis, reviews of data analysis. Access to pre/post-trade analyses from Nomura analysts is also provided. The ability to review the trade portfolio, provision of exposure to proprietary models and access to extensive research archives is guaranteed with the NomuraLive platform.

NomuraLive also gives traders the ability to export reports and data to MS Excel.